yamaha thunderace review

The Yamaha YZF1000R Thunderace’s big old 1003cc five-valver is a meaty, proven and fast motorcycle. 147bhp may seem old hat today, but the Yamaha Thunderace’s torque spread reminds of Kawasaki’s.

The Thunderace is actually a bit of a mongrel, the 5-valve four-cylinder mill was spawned from an FZR1000 mold, and the frame was adapted from the vastly underrated yzf750r. The Genesis engine has undergone some changes aimed at improving mid-range power rather than the maximum output, which remains 145 bhp.

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Sitting at the affordable end of the spectrum in this category is Yamaha’s recent Storia series of acoustic-electrics.

The FZR1000 then received yet another makeover in 1994, Yamaha dressed up the ageing chassis, it also got some six-pot calipers and foxeye headlamps from the YZF then in 1996 it was replaced by the Thunderace.. Yamaha claimed the new frame was based on the YZF750, but sadly the engine was just another outing for the EXUP 1000 motor, despite.

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2020 Yamaha YZF1000R Thunderace Specs The engine turns open and fast, generating a power output of 2000 rpm. At 3500 rpm It closes foolishly, and up to 5,000 Yamaha will send you into space, pulling it out smoothly, with even, straight power up to 11,500 rpm.

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The common greeting among most thunderace owners is "ooh a thunderace, does it use much oil" The cause of the oil burning is know to be faulty stem valve seals which allow oil to pass through caused by the increased oil pressure pass 6,000 revs and a slight oval bore which can be sorted by a 1040cc rebore and piston kit.

Once aboard and riding the Thunderace, it is remarkably nimble. I am 6 feet and 3 inches and even with the wife on the back, it is still easy to maneuver through town. The national speed limit can easily be broken in first gear, and I am talking about the motorway speed limit here. 2nd will bring 100mph, 3rd brings 120 mph etc.

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