What Size Bolts for Motorcycle License Plate

Think I just use a short 1/4" diameter bolt with a slot head with a lock nut. I have been known to swap the plates around just a little also.

Huge Variety of High Quality License Plate Frame Bolts in Skulls, Iron Crosses, Dice, Hex and Many, Many More! Put that Chromed Hog Touch on Your Ride!

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Our license plate mount is a two piece mount that can be put on either the right side or the left. It uses a flat stainless mounting plate that attaches to the backside of the license plate, then you attach the machined billet stainless portion to it via the included stainless bolts.

 · The next day I repeated the process and by day 3 it was done. After mounting them on the license plate the sun finished the curing. I only mounted two at the top of the license plate. I used security bolts on the lower part to keep the license plate from wandering off. I post a photo tomorrow after the sun comes up.

License Plate Bolts for motorcycle licence plate in shape of Dice. $9.95 Bullet License Plate Bolts Bullet die cast fasteners can be used anywhere that the 1/4-20 stud will fit.

Enhance the look with these bolts that replace any 6mm bolt on your motorcycle. Color: Golden. Size: As picture shows. All warranty claims MUST have a RMA number issued by KnockoffParts.. 2PC ALUMINUM MOTORCYCLE LICENSE PLATE FRAME BOLTS SCREWS CAPS FASTENERS 6MM BLUE. $5.74. Free shipping .

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Size: 4" x 7", single plate. Issued for motorcycles that are at least 25 years old and collector’s items. The vehicle must be used exclusively for exhibitions, club activities, parades, or other functions of public interest and in no case for regular transportation. This is a five year plate.

License Plate Frame Spike Fasteners -Measure About 1 3/4" Long -Bolt on Style -Sold as a Pair. HONDA SECURITY anti theft luxury auto License Plate Screws Stainless Steel bolts $9.50

Motorcycle collectors enjoy their hobby just as much as the car collector folks and are passionate about details -like replica motorcycle license plates. We are in the process of creating a database for motorcycle plates for all the states and some foreign countries, especially Europe and Japan where brands like BMW, Ducati, Triumph, BSA.

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