Stainless Steel Front Disc Bolt

I have problems with stainless bolts. A lot of cheaper bolts are sourced from Bulgaria or similar so quality control is a bit random. The other problem is that while steel stretches and bends stainless just snaps. Which brings the last bit in to context. For all the talk about tensile strength caliper and disc bolts work in shear stress.

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Probolt Stainless Steel Front Disc Bolts for yamaha motorcycles ref: pbfdsyam Designed as a replica of the manufacturer’s original, these bolts are not only strong, but offer great corrosion resistance.

Our inventory of stainless steel fasteners includes hex head, Allen head and High Strength ARP stainless bolts. We also stock stainless steel washers, nuts, wing nuts, and much more. We have the majority of our washers custom made. This allows for a much better fit and appearance.

big dome push button This is it. A red economy grade 100mm diameter (outside diameter) dome illuminated push button comes with an LED, securing nut and a long life horizontal microswitch. Be aware that these are economy grade big dome push buttons, these guys may rattle, have a weaker spring, and may not have as bright of an LED as our standard big dome push buttons.

– Bolts and washers are made from premium quality stainless steel – Disc washers are flat – Fits all 1965-1970 Mustangs. These bolts mount the fender to the front and rear fender apron on the driver and passenger side of your vintage Mustang. This Set of Stainless Steel Fender Mounting Bolts with Disc Washers will fit all 1965-1970 Mustangs. The bolts feature a disc washer which is pressed onto the shaft of the bolt.

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Description: Convert your Mustang with our disc brake kit using original style kelsey hayes calipers, made per the Factory Ford Mustang GT prints. Comes with correct original parts make this the easiest kit.More Details

This piece mounted to the dashboard and then the front of the brake assembly bolted to the. We attached the cable housing to the floor of the car with Adel clamps and stainless steel button-head.

The factory-installed disc and. system, front and rear. There were no surprises, and thanks to the all-inclusive kit, we didn’t have to make any last minute runs to the parts store for anything.

This is a stainless steel brake kit with a 12 inch rotor and a 6 on 5-1/2 bolt pattern. This is designed for 5,200 to 6,000 lb axles and 15 inch or larger wheels. Since the spindle on your axle can be different sizes we will need to know what bearings you currently have.