How to Remove Rusted Exhaust Manifold Bolts On Motorcycle

I can get the assembly from Rock for about $380.00 shipped. I have 2 cats up on either side of the transmission just below the exhaust manifolds. The cats have short pipes going up to the donut junction from the manifold. Each one has 2 bolts on it, they are rusted and probably seized tight from thousands of heat and cool down cycles.

Attempted to remove and broke off the outside part of the aluminum housing – exposing the threaded allen bolt. The other side, the bolt head broke off. I could drill into the exposed broken bolt and attempt to back it out, but believe that it may be better to thread it out the back side. How do the experts remove the rusted bolts from the.

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Use a Bernzomatic torch and a little elbow grease to loosen frozen, rusted or stubborn nuts and bolts. For stubborn bolts, heat the bolt, then move the flame away and apply WD-40 against the heated bolt threads. The melting wax pulls itself into the threads to create a slippery surface.

We often rant about motorcycle owners. first choice to unfasten a stuck filter, because I think all that pressure on one point might collapse the filter. K-D Tools 3-Jaw Universal Oil Filter Wrench.

Wax If the car will start..warm the engine and exhaust. Once its warm take an old candle and push it against every nut/bolt. The wax will melt and seep into the threads. Once the exhaust has cooled down try wrenching them loose. My experiance with these rusted exhaust nuts is not good. They are likely to break. Good luck.

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