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Kawasaki's large-capacity touring bike, the GTR1000 is a rather dated design, first introduced in 1986. The GTR's engine is a development of the GPZ1000RX.

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The Kawasaki Concours, known as the GTR1000 in some markets, is a 1,000 cc sport touring motorcycle manufactured between 1986 and 2006 by Kawasaki.

1000 cc; 100000 km; i i have a classic ride found these two bikes rare bikes great touring bikes one is a black 1991 gtr1000 the secound one is a 1986 gtr 1000 both running the black one need some little work as some fool cut the wires arround the motor area i did buy a used wireing hanas for it other parts and then got the 1986 will not split the deal unless you pay full price .

Kawasaki 1000 gtr: history, specifications, images, videos, manuals.

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Kawasaki’s large-capacity touring bike, the GTR1000 is a rather dated design, first introduced in 1986. The GTR’s engine is a development of the GPZ1000RX sportsbike motor, itself derived from the GPZ900R. Producing almost 73kW (98bhp), this strong motor provides excellent performance, although the.

The Kawasaki Concours, known in Europe as the GTR1000 and in USA as the ZG1000, is a 997 cc, six speed, four cylinder, liquid-cooled sport touring.

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