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The CR 125R is a mid-class dirt motorcycle from Honda. The 1998 model year laid the basis for models that followed it, with only minor changes made between years. The 1998 bikes featured a newer intake, new exhaust system and upgraded chassis in comparison the models that preceded it. The motorcycle has a.

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I have a 1986 CR125 built the same with a rear disc brake that I use for vintage racing and am now building a 1986 CR500 David Bailey MXdN replica..

The 2001 Honda CR125 is a lightweight dirt bike with a small engine, and it is suitable for beginners or riders seeking agility over power. The 2001 version of the bike brought modifications in the chassis and suspension to enhance the nimbleness of the bike.

1999 Honda CR125 – Photos, Specs, and Reviews. This is the only thing I didn’t like about the bike. It has no bottom end at all not even a little.

An up close look of the hand-made carbon fiber airbox and subframe. Chassis: 2004 Honda CR125 frame and swingarm. Honda 2017 plastics and seat (I installed the front wing of the 2016 model, which.

I race my newly purchased 2007 Honda cr125 against my older 1999 Honda cr125 to see which bike is really faster. I ride my the 2007 and my younger brother Charlie rides the 1999. Thanks for.

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1974 Honda CR125 Elsinore. Talk to anyone who raced motocross in the 70s and they will tell you that when Honda came out with their silver CR series, motocross was taken to the next level. Honda dominated every class and forced the competition to step up their game..

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