anodised titanium

Titanium Anodize refers to the controlled creation of an oxide film on the surface of titanium parts. Titanium anodize is used for many reasons, from part identification in the medical device community, to corrosion control and bonding in the aerospace community. Depending on the grade of titanium alloy, it can be anodized many different colors.

 · Titanium body jewelry is anodized to create lots of different, pretty colors. There are other websites that will sell body jewelry that says "Titanium Anodized" and have in very small print that it is actually stainless steel with a titanium coating.

Anodized titanium There are two basic types of titanium body jewelry: solid titanium, and anodized or electroplated titanium, which is a hard titanium coating placed over another metal. In most piercing jewelry, an anodized titanium coating will be made over surgical grade stainless steel to.

Titanium Anodizing Color Standards. Process Anodizing titanium is a process that adjusts the oxide level of metal surfaces. This adjustment changes the spectrum of light, resulting in perceived color. By precisely controlling the surface oxide level, an entire range of colors can be produced.

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Titanium anodizing is a completely biocompatible process and is commonly used for color coding orthopedic implants, dental implants, medical device components and medical instruments. Anodizing of titanium generates a wide array of colors without applying an organic dye or artificial coating to the surface of the metal.

When anodizing, the parts to be anodized must be perfectly clean and free from all oils, dust, dirt, grease, etc. Prior to anodizing, all Titanium parts are etched in a solution purchased from Reactive Metals called Multi-Etch. I don’t know what’s in this stuff but I would never again do any anodizing without it. Well worth the expense.

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Titanium anodizing can produce several colors. Titanium color is produced by light refraction and interference of wavelengths. It’s impossible for me to exact match other colored titanium or anodized aluminum. Green anodized titanium color and lavender (Pink) titanium is a special process and and additional charge applies.